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2017 Camping Program Sessions and Themes

*Every Session includes offerings in our 12 regular activity areas

1. Corral -Ring Rides, Trail Rides, Horse Feeding, Grooming and Care
2. Archery- Basic Instruction, Open Shooting, Jr. and Sr. Archery Tournaments each week
3. Arts and Crafts – jewelry making, painting, perler bead crafts, lip balm, basketmaking, tie dye, boondoggle, friendship bracelets, and many, many more
4. Wood Shop – gain carpentry skills – make a coat rack, a yo-yo, a model boat, bird house, rustic pencil, wood whistles, picture frames, and more
5. Nature Study- NEWTS - (Nature, Education, Water, Trees, & Soil) Mammals, Birds, Plant ID, Soil, Stewardship of God's Creation, Tree ID, Water, Weather, Wildflowers
6. Hiking – casual hikes and serious hikes each week
7. Outdoor Living Skills aka OWLS - (Outdoor Wilderness Life Skills) Firebuilding, Knife and Axe, Compass, Maps, Orienteering, Camp Craft, Campfire Cooking, First Aid, Knots and Minimum Impact Camping
8. UP – Team Building Initiatives on our Low Ropes Course
9. GITW (Games in the Woods)
10. Court Games -hockey, 4 square, 9-square-in-the-air, volleyball, pickle-ball and hoops
11. Field Sports -Disc golf, soccer, kick ball, whiffle ball, dodge ball, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, Ga-Ga Ball, Human Foosball
12. Beach Club

**5 awards clubs offered session B – F
Wrangler / Horsemanship, Naturalist, Survivalist, Woodsman, and Archery.

Sessions for ages 15-16
(Age 14 accepted after June 1)
Ages Status Price
Session Explorers/CIT, July 9 - 21
(11 days, 10 nights)
You need not aspire to be a camp counselor to enjoy this high adventure program. The first part of this program features preparation and execution of a 3 day wilderness backpacking trip through the mountains of Allegany State Park. Campers experience low-impact camping, outdoor living skills and the interdependence of a team. The weekend stayover portion of this session includes a chance to do laundry, attend mass, and have supper out. The second week of the program, campers take part in many of the regular CT clubs* and activities, especially the Awards Programs**. There will be a beach trip, leadership training, and service learning. For those who are interested in employment there will also be some optional “staff training” clubs.
program designed for ages 15 - 16

Age 14 accepted after June 1st if space available
Open $849

Pathfinder Sessions
Enjoy all the regular daytime clubs and activities with special privileges including later wakeup and bedtime, more freedom, more campfires, and the option to change clubs mid activity period. Special evening schedule, with some evenings separate from the younger campers. Some sessions include an optional evening trail ride or optional sleep out.

Sessions for age 14-16 Ages Status Price
Session C Pathfinders,
July 23 -28

TRIP: Optional High Ropes trip open to ages 13 and up, additional cost ($60).
14 - 15 Open $439
Session D Pathfinders,
July 30 - Aug 4

TRIP: Cattaraugus County Fair (included in price)
14 - 15 Open $439
Session E Pathfinders,
August 6 - 11

TRIP: Challenger Center
14 - 15 Open $459
Session F Pathfinders,
August 13 - 18

TRIP: Thunder Rocks
14 - 16
Note: Space for 16 yr old campers
Open $459
Fourteen year old campers are eligible to choose between regular or Pathfinder programs during Sessions C-F. There is only one cabin of Pathfinder Boys and Pathfinder Girls each week. Cabin Mate Requests are therefore irrelevant in this program. Pathfinders often participate in separate evening activities from the Traditional (younger) campers. The same is true for CITs.

Traditional Sessions/Themes Ages Status Price
Session A, July 9 – July 14
Pioneer Week!

Featuring: Pioneer Night, Hoedown, Town Picnic, Most activities assigned by cabin group.

This structured, group centered program is geared especially toward younger and first time campers. Competition is limited and the emphasis is on cooperation, having new experiences and making new friends. To broaden the experience for new campers choice times are limited and every camper has a chance to try our regular clubs* at least once with his / her cabin group. Special clubs this week include LEGO club and Elven Village. This week includes Campfire Night, Pioneer Night, and Variety Night.
7 - 13 Open $439
Session B, July 16 – July 21
Sports and Gaming Week

Game on! All our regular activities plus extra sports and competitive games! Court Hockey, Hoops, 9-square-in-the-air, 4 square,volleyball, soccer, kickball, human foosball plus some serious board games.
8 - 14 Open $439
Session C, July 23 – July 28
Christmas in July

Spend the week in a daze of holidays! Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, Flag Day, Ground Hog Day, and topped off with Christmas! Extra craft clubs, cooking club, tie dye, drama, indoor gaming, haunted forest, and our very special candlelit "midnight" mass.
8 - 14 Open
Session D, July 30 – Aug 4
Adventure/Outdoor Living Skills Week

Every regular activity plus extra Nature Club (NEWTS), Outdoor Living Skills (OWLS), Games-in-the-Woods, Digital Photography, double period Hiking, Creekwalks, optional sleep out in the woods, trip to Thunder Rocks.
8 - 14 Open $439
Session E, August 6-11
The Quest for Camelot!

The rain may never fall till after sundown. By eight, the morning fog must disappear. In short, there's simply not a more congenial spot for happily-ever-aftering than here in Camelot! All the regular activities and clubs plus a Royal Ball, Medieval Games, Elven Village, Archery Tournament, and a weeklong quest to rescue Guinevere.
8 - 14 Open $439
Session F, August 13-18
Science Week / Makers Week

All of the great CT activities PLUS a selection of Special Makers Clubs (engineering challenge, LEGO Club, tie dye, Science Clubs (ecology, biology, ballistics, forensics, chemistry), outdoor cooking, digital photography, and indoor gaming).
8 - 14 Open $439

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Our Mission:
"Honor God in the Children Confided to Your Care."

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Updated 24 May 2017.