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Horse Corral Camp Turner is a summer resident camp operated by the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo within 65,000 acre Allegany State Park about 80 miles south of Buffalo, NY. The camp serves boys and girls ages 7 - 16. Activities include horseback riding, hiking, orienteering, basketball, soccer, volleyball, court hockey, yoga, dance, jewelry making, low-ropes, arts and crafts, campfires, creek-walking, archery, beach trips, sports, dances and much more. Special programs for older campers include a High Ropes experience, backpacking trip and special leadership training workshops. All campers are welcome regardless of religious affiliation.

Thank you for considering camping with us this summer! It is our goal to ensure the safety and health of all participants by providing:
  • A safe site
  • Caring, well trained, professional, staff
  • Nutritious, kid friendly food
  • Licensed medical care
  • 100% adult supervision
  • Opportunity for structured physical activity, mental and social activity.
  • Quality educational and recreational programming.

We strive to foster an emotionally safe culture in which everyone feels welcomed and accepted. We provide opportunities for campers to experience success and encourage campers and staff to forgive and experience forgiveness. We create a friendly community where children feel listened to and accepted and we encourage everyone to try new things.

Our programming encourages the development of:

Camp Turner Cabin Community Living Skills: Cooperation, sharing, consideration, compromise, communication, conflict resolution.

Self care skills: time management, decision making, housekeeping, hygiene.

Interpersonal Skills: independence, interdependence, responsibility and most importantly, making friends.

Values: cooperation, teamwork, sharing, cheerfulness, compassion, sportsmanship, forgiveness, respect of self, others, and nature.

Spirituality: Increase openness to the presence of God every person, place and thing.

Our Catholic Identity
  • We are a Catholic Camp
  • We are ecumenical, open, accepting, non-judgmental of others
  • We teach spirituality and catholic values, especially that God is present in everyone and everything.
  • We are dedicated to teaching faith, hope, love, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, mercy, honesty, and justice by example.
  • We provide authentic witness of our faith to others by how we treat each other.
  • Campers and staff will pray before and after each meal, at the beginning and end of the program day, and before bed with their cabin group. Prayers are simple and kid friendly.
  • Campers will attend mass once each week. Non-Catholics are required to attend, but are not required to participate or receive communion.

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Our Summer Programs

Counselor-in-training (CIT) Program: Ages 16 and 17

This program is for young men and women who want to begin working at Camp Turner. Participants must be 16 years of age before the summer begins, have working papers and complete a staff application. The first round of interviews will be scheduled after March 15. Space is limited to the six most qualified applicants. Later applications will be accepted if positions are still available.

This is an internship program with several components including outdoor education, leadership training, service, journaling, spiritual reflection, discernment, team building and staff training. Participants will spend week one in staff training with regular camp staff. Week two is a week-long retreat based service learning program focused on discernment, discovering the presence of God in all things, and discovering your own spiritual gifts. The program will include a backpacking trip and service learning experience. The remainder of the summer is service learning as a support staff member and continued reflection upon the experience. Previous experience as a camper (especially Explorer veterans) is helpful. Limited to 6 participants total. While not guaranteed, we expect that successful completion of this program will result in paid employment for the rest of the summer and hopefully subsequent summers as well.

Explorers Program is a 13 day high adventure program for serious campers ages 14 – 16 who love the out-of-doors. Session includes a 4 day, 3 night wilderness backpacking trip, High Ropes experience, special evening programs, more freedom and later bed times. Explorers have the opportunity to pursue more than one award club in a session, and have the freedom to switch clubs freely. While excellent preparation for our CIT program, this session is intended to be purely for enjoyment and includes no staff training components.

Pathfinders Program for ages 13 - 15 (Sessions D, E and F). These are one week sessions for older campers. Pathfinders do partake of the session themes and all the regular clubs and activities that are offered each week. Participants also enjoy more freedom (ability to change activities in the middle of a period), later wake up and bedtimes, more campfires and some special evening activities separate from the younger cabins. 13 year old campers may choose Pathfinder or Traditional track.

Younger Campers (Session A, ages 8 – 13) This is a structured, 'group centered' program designed especially for younger, first time or nervous campers. Campers visit each activity area with their cabin group (same approximate age and gender) once in a week. Activities include Horses, Nature, Foxfire, Games-in-the-woods, Archery, Arts and Crafts, and Low Ropes. They also have hikes, campfires, sing-alongs, Club Periods (when they get to choose their activity individually) a beach trip and much more. There are no Awards programs to study for or fret over. Competition is much more limited during this session. The session is capped at 80 campers and the staff ratio is a tight 1:8 in all areas.

Traditional Camping Program, ages 8 – 13, sessions B, C, D, E, F. Begin your day with morning prayer, flag raising, breakfast and cabin inspection. Then choose from a wide variety of clubs and activities all day long. Choose a week long awards club like Horsemanship, Naturalist, Axe-man-ship, or Survivalist. Enter an archery tournament or a 3 on 3 basketball tournament or a volleyball game on our sand volleyball court. Sign up for a half-day hike to the Bear Caves, a trip to the beach or a sleep out (always optional). Go to the dance and the bonfire. Visit the Canteen. Choose wood burning, jewelry making, a creek walk, or one of many other activities offered. Something different every day? It’s up to you! You set your own agenda.

Typical Day at Camp

Archery Range 7:15     Wakeup
7:45     Morning Prayer and Flag Raising
8:00     Breakfast
9:00     Cabin Inspection
9:15     Morning Clubs 1 and 2
12:15   Lunch
1:30     Third Club
2:45     Siesta / Canteen
4:00     Fourth Club
5:15     Flag Lowering
5:30     Supper
6:15     Cabin Time / After Dinner Clubs
7:15     Evening Program
8:40     Vespers
9:00     Taps

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(716) 354-4555
PO BOX 264, (9150 ASP 3), Salamanca, NY 14779

Our Mission:
"Honor God in the Children Confided to Your Care."

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Updated 10 January 2018.