2020 Session Descriptions

CIT / Intern
Explorers, ages 13-15, Sessions A & B
Pathfinder Programs, ages 13-15, Sessions C, D, E and F

Session A, ages 7-13, Young / First Time camper week
Sessions B-F, ages 8-13, Traditional Camping Sessions


Special, Optional Trips for campers 13+ in Pathfinder or Traditional sessions

Session E - Cattaraugus County Fair for $35

Sessions B, C, D and F – High Ropes Course Trip - $79


CIT / Intern

Sunday, June 28 (2 pm) through Friday, July 10.  $149 (two weeks plus the opportunity to earn a paid internship for the rest of the summer.) 

This program is for young men and women who want to begin working at Camp Turner.  Participants must be 16 years of age before the summer begins, have working papers and complete a staff application. 


This is an internship program with several components including outdoor education, leadership training, service, journaling, spiritual reflection, discernment, team building and staff training.  Participants will spend week one in staff training with regular camp staff.  Week two is invested in shadowing staff and discussing the experience in addition to necessary dishwashing and other maintenance tasks.  There are spiritual components focused on discernment, discovering the presence of God in all things, and discovering your own spiritual gifts. 


While not guaranteed, we expect that successful completion of this program will result in paid employment for the rest of the summer as a paid intern.  Previous experience as a camper (especially Explorer veterans) is helpful.  Registrants should possess working papers and identification to satisfy the US-I9 form.

Ages 13-15   July 5 – 17  $899 for two weeks

This is a 13 day high adventure program for serious campers ages 13 – 15 who love the out-of-doors. Session includes 2 days of training in outdoor living skills and low impact camping, followed by a 4 day, 3 night Wilderness Backpacking Trip, a High Ropes experience, special evening programs, more campfires and later bed times.  Explorers have the opportunity to pursue more than one award club in a session, and have the freedom to switch clubs freely.  This is a two-week session with a stay-over weekend.  Campers will go to town during the stay over weekend for a laundry run, Mass and supper out.  Camp pays for the laundry.  While excellent preparation for our CIT program, this session is intended to be purely for enjoyment and includes no staff training components.

Pathfinder Programs   

(see dates for sessions C, D, E and F) Ages 13 – 15      $485 per week 

These are one week sessions for older campers.  Pathfinders partake of the session themes that are offered each week in the regular sessions, sometimes helping to implement them.  Participants enjoy more freedom (ability to change activities in the middle of a period), later wake up and bedtimes, more campfires and some special evening activities separate from the younger cabins.  13 year old campers may choose Pathfinder or Traditional track.


Session A-Discovery Week

July 5 – July 10  (ages 8-13) $449  

This week is a great introduction to everything Camp Turner has to offer.  Unlike our other sessions, this week is “group centered”.  Campers live and travel with their cabin mates all day, visiting all the core activity areas of camp.   There are a few “free choice” times toward the end of the week so campers can revisit their favorites or other special offerings.  Because this week is designed for younger or first time campers, there is limited competition and no “awards” clubs, so campers can concentrate on making friends and trying everything, rather than focusing on achievement in one area.  Activities will include Horseback Riding and Care, Archery, Arts and Crafts, Nature / Hiking / Creek- walks, Outdoor-living Skills, Games-in-the-Woods, Low Ropes (UP!) and Sports.  There will also be a beach trip to Quaker Beach (weather permitting).

Sessions B-F:  Traditional Camping Sessions

Ages 8 – 13.  $479.

Pick your own activities, choose your own clubs. This program is steeped in tradition!  Begin the day with Flag-raising and Morning Prayer.  Sign up for your favorite activities all day long.  Daily offerings include skill building awards programs, recreational clubs, sports competitions, plus outdoorsy, brainy and even completely chill clubs.  Campers make friends that last a lifetime, try new activities to discover gifts they did not know they had, and hone skills in their favorite areas.  The best part?  A positive, encouraging Catholic community, where everyone can be accepted for who they are. Every session includes campfires, our regular activity areas, a trip to Quaker Beach and special clubs related to the weekly theme.

Session B: July 12 – July 17 Adventure Week

This week includes all of our regular activities and awards clubs, plus Fishing, extra Games-in-the-woods, extra Creek Walking, two extended (two period) hikes, a trip to the Bear Caves, and an optional sleep out under the stars.

Session C: July 19 – July 24 Christmas Week / Holidaze

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. We celebrate the gift of God present among us. There will be a midnight (9pm) candle-lit mass, a Yule Ball, and Christmas Cookie Making Club. We will also be celebrating some of the lesser heralded holidays like Flag Day, Arbor Day, Ground Hog Day and more. Of course all of our regular clubs and activities will also be offered. 

Session D: July 26 – July 31 Sports Week  

Feeling spry?  Got the competitive fire?  Join us for sports week! Full on CT Olympic Games span three days.  Other special events include a Sports Club every period and a Challenge Course.  Special tournaments in Lacrosse, 9 Square, Basketball, Archery, Disc Golf, Ga-Ga Ball…It’s competition everywhere, but all in good fun.  Like every week, all of our regular clubs, including the chill ones, are still offered.  

Session E: Aug. 2 – 7  Science Week

Bring your lab coat and safety goggles, Science Week is back! Special clubs in physics, biology, chemistry, forensics and ecology supplement our regular offerings. Three science clubs per day plus an evening science expo highlight this week.

Session F: Aug. 9 – Aug. 14 Movie Challenge Week
Challenge Week crashed into Movie week and created Movie Challenge Week.  Your favorite heroes and villains from the silver screen come to life via the CT Staff!  Everyone participates in the CT Choice Awards to award the top dog in a variety of categories. You choose your level of challenge.  Make a movie.  Be in a movie.  Win at movie trivia.  All of our regular clubs are complimented by disguise club, photography club, videography, set design, Larp and, this week only, daily Spy School.

Special, Optional Trips for campers 13+ in Pathfinder or Traditional sessions

Session E - Cattaraugus County Fair for $35

Sessions B, C, D and F – High Ropes Course Trip - $79


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