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Dear Parents – these are our existing Covid-19 protocols as of 7/10/21. These are subject to change. 

1. Before Arrival

Parents and campers are asked to avoid high risk situations like large group events or indoor parties for two weeks before arrival.

Send in copies of all Health Forms and immunization records at least one week before arrival.

a. Bring the original Camp Turner Health Forms to check-in.

2. Testing

As per guidance from NY State, Camp Turner is not requiring that campers be tested before arrival.  Please do monitor your campers for symptoms of Covid-19 and call us to reschedule if your camper does not appear 100% healthy.

3. Masking

Campers will not be required to mask: 

-when outdoors

-when seated at their own table with their cabin mates for meals

-when performing personal hygiene

-when in their own cabins

Campers will need to wear masks: 

-during check in and check out

-when traveling on the bus to the beach or a hike

-at a large group sing-a-long

-in any small area inside with campers from other cabins and not seated with cabin group

If parents wish their campers to mask more often, please leave a note with the Camp Director.

Please send masks that fit your camper well.  We will have back up masks, but there is no telling if they will fit your camper well.  You will need at least 24 disposable or twelve 2-ply cloth masks. 

Acceptable face coverings for Covid-19 include but are not limited to cloth-based 2-ply face coverings and disposable masks that securely cover both the mouth and nose (bandannas, buffs and face shields are not acceptable face coverings).

Social distancing and face covering requirements do not apply to those who are fully vaccinated except as otherwise specified in this document.

4. Arrival at Camp

For the safety and peace of mind of our staff we ask that all adults and campers mask during the arrival process at camp regardless of vaccination status.

Only one adult from each family should accompany the camper to the dining hall for check in.

Staff will be masked during check in and check out even though most are fully vaccinated.


5. Vaccinations

Staff are strongly encouraged to arrive vaccinated.  Those few who are not vaccinated will be required to mask when within common areas and when in proximity to others. 

All staff will also have to mask when working with campers who are masked.

We have always collected vaccination records from campers.  We ask that you also tell us if your camper is fully vaccinated for Covid-19.  This will aid in contact tracing if this is necessary.


6. The Program

Each of our program areas have been slightly modified to minimize the chance of spreading infection.  Most activities and meals will be outdoors whenever practical.  Things that can be sanitized, will be, between uses.  We are trying to avoid program supplies that cannot be cleaned between uses.  This will have surprisingly little effect on our program.


7. Health Screenings

All campers and staff will take part in a simple health screening / temperature check upon arrival, and at some time each day.


8. Facility

Capacity of the Camp and Dining Hall will be limited to 150 people.

Capacity of the St. Francis Center will be limited to 125 people.

Floors in the Dining Hall will be marked with distance markers to help ensure distancing.

The Dining Hall will have a one way traffic pattern.

There will be more fans in campers’ cabins, increasing airflow. 

Camp staff will be cleaning restrooms twice per day with CDC approved cleaners, and high touch areas during each transition.

Hallway in front of the canteen will be limited to one family / cabin group at a time.

Cabin groups will get food from the food line one group at a time.


9. Shower House

Campers will visit the shower house one cabin group at a time.

The shower house is cleaned and disinfected twice per day.

Staff have access to cleaning supplies to take care of situations between cleanings.


10. Meals

Campers will sit with their own cabin group. 

We will eat outside when not raining or too hot. 

When inside, campers will sit with their own cabin groups at tables sufficiently distanced from other cabin groups.

Food will be served by staff wearing PPE.


11. Check-Out

Please follow the same guidelines as for Check-in.

12. Canteen (Camp Store)

During Check-in and Check-out only one family at a time may visit the Canteen.  During the camping session, only one cabin group at a time will be allowed in the Canteen hallway.


13. Illness / Symptomatic

As usual, anyone with a fever of 100.4 or with symptoms of a communicable condition will be isolated in the Health Center until they can be picked up. 

Parents are expected to be able to pick up a camper as soon as possible - within 8 hours at the latest.

If we are notified that one of our campers has tested positive for Covid-19 families will be notified.

Updated 7/10/2021

Cancellation Policies

Summer Camp Cancellation policy for 2021: The deposit is lower this year - only $50 holds your spot instead of the customary $100. Cancellation more than 30 days prior to a session, for any reason by any party, will receive a refund, less $25 that covers the cost of online registration and credit card processing. Inside of thirty days you will receive a refund less the $50 deposit. Inside of 14 days before arrival the reservation is fully confirmed and there will be no refund (except where you have a written medical excuse from a doctor.  With a medical excuse  you would receive a refund less the $50 deposit). If the state cancels the summer or your session due to Covid you will receive all but $25 back. No refunds will be issued after check in.

Family Camp Cancellation policy for 2021: The deposit for your reservation is $100. Cancellation more than 45 days prior to your session you get a refund less $25 that covers the cost of online registration and credit card processing. Inside of 45 days you will receive a refund less the $50 deposit. Inside of 14 days prior to arrival you will not receive a refund. Also, inside of 14 days your reservation is locked in, food has been ordered and food options can no longer be changed. If the state cancels the summer, your session or your reservation due to Covid you will receive all but $25 back.
Cancellation of Rental Group Reservations: Cancellations received more than 75 days prior to a reservation will be refunded the deposit less a $75 fee. Within 75 days of the reservation date the group is responsible for 25% of the full rental rate.  Within 45 days of the reservation date the group is responsible for 50% of the full rental rate.  Within 30 days of the reservation date the group is responsible for 75% of the full rental rate.  Upon arrival the group is responsible for 100% of the rental rate. Cancellation of food service must be received more than 14 days in advance. Inside of 14 days the group will be responsible for 50% of the agreed food bill.  If NY state forces us to cancel your group rental you will receive a full refund.

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