Employment Summer 2021

Camp Turner is a resident summer camp for guys and girls from ages 7 to 16. The camp is located inside Allegany State Park about 85 minutes from Buffalo, New York. We hire summer staff to teach character and Catholic values, care for the physical and emotional needs of campers, lead activities, and perform camp maintenance functions.

To apply for a position please print
an application packet:

Print out Camp Turner Employment Application. 
Send to:  PO BOX 264, Salamanca, NY 14779

Open positions for Summer 2021

Male Cabin Counselors – age 18+

Activity Assistant – age 17+

Dining Hall Manager – age 17+

Dining Hall Attendant age 17+

Dish Washer – age 17 +

Prep cook – age 18+

CIT – age 16+ camper for 2 weeks, then hired as support staff if qualified.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and consider all candidates for employment. We hire teachers, college students, high school students, and persons with technical certifications such as: RN, First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard, WSI, PSI, archery, horseback riding, computer certifications, Serve Safe, Pro-start, baby-sitting, driving (CDL) or maintenance fields. 

All staff are expected to live on-site unless indicated. Counseling staff must be at least 18 years of age, support staff at least 17 years of age. All staff must pass a criminal background check and drug screenings. Drug testing will continue throughout the summer. Staff must be willing to live in a close Catholic community. Applicants should demonstrate strong academic achievement, extra curricular or service involvement, and have a genuine desire to work with children. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more about being on the camp staff, please call 716-354-4555. 


Call to book a Group Rental or ask questions about Summer Camp: 716-354-4555

PO BOX 264
Salamanca, New York 14779

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Fax #: 716-354-2055